Winter's here

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Winter surf film selection


All of a sudden it's turned cold as ice. To get your winter surf fires stoked, we've put together a collection of cold water surf videos for your enjoyment. 

The selection criteria were simple: cold water and good scenery. Good waves were a criteria too, but could be substituted if the soundtrack or commentary made up for it - sure haven't we all be skunked at some stage. 



First on the list is a seriously chilly one - snow, ice & crispy wetsuits. This clip is filmed up in the Arctic Circle and features unreal scenery alongside some cruisey, stylish surfing from Johanna Brebner an Aiyana Powell.



Next on the movie list is an Alaskan fishing and surfing adventure. Sit back and enjoy the views, and the commentary...being stuck in a rip has never been described so well as a "raging tidal river of disappointment".







We can't make this list without including a some cold water slabs. Here is a video from Geroid McDaid showing us how it's done. 




Somewhere in the chilly Southern Ocean...Aiyana Powell and Johanna Brebner keep it stylish in unreal surroundings 










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