Virtual dive into the ocean

Posted by morganjames9 08/06/2020 0 Comment(s)

It's World Oceans Day, but with lockdown still keeping many of us from the ocean, we thought we'd put together a few little ways you can still get your ocean fix from your home. Or if you're lucky enough to be right by the ocean, maybe you're missing those exotic trips to far flung places. Well here are some ways to escape:


1) Google street the ocean!


Image from: Google the worlds ocean


Follow the link (it can take a while to load) then zoom in until you find a red pin to explore under the sea - or use the menu on the right hand side to click and choose where you'd like to visit :



You can explore amazing places including Barbados, the Galápagos Islands and some of the Pacific Islands getting 360 degree views as if you were diving there yourself. In some of the locations, you can even navigate around the reef exactly like in Google street view, pretty amazing!



2) Webcams!




As well as getting fomo by checking in at your local breaks by webcam and seeing all the waves coming through (pretty sure there was more swell than normal during lockdown right!?)... there are also a bunch of cameras in incredible places around the world.


You can find some great ocean themed ones here:


And amoung our favourites from there are: 






3) Virtual Barrier Reef with Sir Attenborough 



We thought we'd leave the king for last...



Find it here:



Jump aboard the expedition vessel Alucia and mooch around the Great Barrier reef, diving in where you choose and discover all kinds of amazing things from the guru himself.  



Enjoy, and we look forward to seeing each other back in the ocean (the real one) again real soon!




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