How to set up a foam surfboard

For this week’s blog, we’ve made a little video showing you how to set up your foam surfboard for the first time. We show you how to put in the leash tie, the leash and the fins. It's quite a different set up to a usual fibreglassed surfboard and we didn't want to leave you feeling like an Ikea customer without a guide sheet, so here we go:

Now you’re ready to go and have fun! If you need any further help, don’t be shy to drop us an email or call in and see us. Or if you’ve always wanted to learn to surf, foam surfboards – aka ‘foamies’ are perfect for learning. They’re extremely floaty, helping you to stand up more easily and start enjoying even quicker! Foamies are also much softer than fibreglassed surfboards; which is great for those times when your board and your body collide (…don’t worry it sounds worse than it feels!). Just contact us to find out the best sized board for you. Also, the West coast of Ireland has a plenty of surf schools run by lovely people who are sure to get you even more excited about surfing. In fact, we always recommend taking a lesson before you go surfing for the first time, it’s great to learn about water safety from the experts. So go and enjoy the summer and get in the water! (Safely of course!)

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