Surf movies on Netflix

If you're after something longer than a 5 minute surf clip, we've put together a list of movies currently (2023) on Netflix that involve surfing in some way. Some are pure & simple surf trips and others are ones that contain just a smidge of surfing centred around something else. And in no particular order, here we go:

1. Nordor Sola / North of the Sun 

First on the list is an extreme adventure - two friends head off to camp and surf on a remote island off the coast of Norway. They build their own cabin while they're there and survive and surf in pretty freezing conditions. A nice one to get that adventurous spirit going! 


2. No Mad

While the surfers in this movie had every intention of surfing their brains out in perfect waves in the Phillipines, that didn't go according to plan.  Instead, they helped to build reef restoration structures and clean up the beach where they stayed. An interesting movie, showing the glum reality of over fishing, those trying to find solutions, and a little bit of surfing when the swell finally turned up. 



3. Brilliant Corners Surf series 


With eight episodes in this series, the Brilliant Corners movies should keep you entertained for a while! Longboarding champ Sam Bleakley visits places not typically on the surf trail, including Oman, Liberia, Haiti and Hainan. He scores great waves, often taking some friends along, and meets locals who share their home and story. 

4. Resurface 


While we all find surfing can help us reset and we usually leave the water feeling better than when we went in, this movie takes the healing power of the waves to the next level. An amazing story of a war veteran and his relationship with surfing. 


5. Bear Island


Three brothers on a remote island - what can possibly go wrong? A nice little movie about adventure and family, set in an unreal location with a few nice waves along the way. 


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