Who's the world's most stylish surfer?


For this month’s blog, we’re thinking about surfing style. Or, as the commentators on the WSL like to call it ... steeze (style with ease).

There is nothing nicer to watch than stylish surfing, but what exactly is it that makes it stylish? And does everyone have the same opinion as what is considered stylish? To try and answer these questions...and also as an excuse to show some videos from some stylers...we thought we’d ask around and see what people thought. We also asked people to choose their number one style guru, not an easy task when there’s a bunch to choose from.


Answer 1

After much thought I’d say in summary, there are three points of what makes good style:

  • Keep it simple
  • Relaxed poise
  • Less is more


And 'most stylish surfer?

From the men's side Ryan Burch would be my choice
From the women's side, Kelia Moniz - she surfs so good!


So, here's a little taster of Mr Ryan Burch showing us all just how to get a monster barrel and make it look as easy picking up milk from the supermarket.


Video by Erik Derman

Answer 2

What makes stylish surfing is flow and grace. I think that professional women’s longboarders have the most natural style.


In honour of that, here's a cruisey little number from the Dead Kooks gang featuring some of women's longboarding gurus - Kelia Moniz and Kassia Meador, with a bunch of other stylers thrown in for good measure including the super creative Leah Dawson.


Deadkooks in Mexico from Tahnei Roy on Vimeo.


Answer 3

I reckon the number one thing that makes surfing look stylish is when it looks effortless. It doesn’t look planned, it’s as if they don’t even need to think about what they’re doing, almost a dance or something. Also, lots of stylish surfers seem to have a particular stance, the way their knees go kinda together a bit, I’ve tried to watch and copy but I don’t think it’s that easy!! But most of all it just looks like their loving what they’re doing, not stressed and angsty about getting the best wave or minor things like that.

Favourite styler: I know someone else will say Steph Gilmore so I’m gonna go with Carissa. She is incredible, so powerful and effortless. Can I choose a second one? If I’m allowed, my second would be Dave Rastovich. That part in Castles in the Sky where he’s surfing in India is such a goodie.


You can't have a list of stylish surfers without the queen of style, so here is Steph herself giving a total masterclass in style at Malibu.



Answer 4

Ah just having fun is stylish I think; smiling and not taking it too seriously. Enjoying the experience & going with the flow. There are so many stylish people around it’s hard to choose one, I’m gonna say this shaper guy from Hawaii, forgotten his name, just coz I saw a clip with him in recently and loved it.


The surfer & shaper was Emerick Ishikawa and you can watch that clip here.

But seeing as we can't embed that video in this blog, we'll put something from the most effortless man in the business, Rob Machado:


Video by Tatsuo Takei at Nobody Surf


Answer 5

What I think is stylish is being able to be a really powerful surfer and still make it look good, not aggressive and angry, you know. An example would be how Occy surfs, especially in the 90's, like in the 'Occumentary' movie, but he still is amazing now. There are a few others though that can't be left out when you're talking about style gurus - I would say Tom Curran as the original then Dave Rastovich & Stephie Gilmore.

And so that brings us to our final flick - featuring Dave Rastovich alongside fellow steezer Joel Fitz, having a singlefin showdown.


Video from Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards

Thanks for reading and let us know what you think...did we miss anyone out?

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