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Bradley Surfboards 5'10 Thunderbolt Futures White

Bradley Thunderbolt 5'10 Surfboard 20 3/8 2 1/2 33L  / FuturesBradley Thunderbolt 5'10 Surfboard 20 3/8 2 1/2 33L with Futures fin system- With a reworked and slightly lifted and new super squash tail, the Thunderbolt is designed to be an extension of a standard shortboard packaged geared towards small surf. It is manufactured with PU construction and extracts performance particular to weaker waves. The Thunderbolt has a slight single to double concave which gives the board lift as well as hold in the pocket. Designed with summertime fun in mind which has been taken from the original Thunderbolt swallow tail.See images for more information and construction!..

€699.00 Ex Tax: €568.29

Bradley Surfboards 6'0 Killer FCS II White

Bradley Killer 6'0 Surfboard 20 2 7/16 31.6L / FCS IIBradley Killer 6'0 Surfboard 20 2 7/16 31.6L with FCS II fin system- This board feels great underfoot and was designed to be aggressively ridden on smaller to medium waves all around. The Killer is made with PU construction and has a medium exit rocker, making the padding easier to flat belly rocker for speed generation planning in flatter waves. The increased tail flip aids in controlling tight arcing turns as well. With wider dimensions, the board should be ridden shorter as the outline is wide point forward and comparably straight railed down to a wide swallow for drive and running speed. See images for more details!..

€729.00 Ex Tax: €592.68