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Custom Shaped Surfboards

 Custom Shaped Surfboards   - Black Sheep Surf Co.

A good surfboard should match your individual surfing style, ability and preferred wave type and size. We make what you ask for, and we’re very open to your ideas and input.

You will be involved in the process from the beginning.

Black Sheep Surf Co. (Morgan James Surfboards) have been making surfboards for 15 years. We love to make fishes, retro fishes, hybrids, step ups, performance shortboards, funboards, eggs/magic carpets and mini mals. We use high quality polyester and epoxy laminating system and premium quality blanks. We also customise our eps blanks with stringers to give the board the flex feel of Polyester/polyurethane construction board. We offer colourful resin tints included in the price.

We also have available some recycling schemes for old surfboards, where we use the core from an old surfboard and reshape and make a new board for you. This can also be done with some soft board foamies. We can use bio resin and bio based cores, as well as balsa wood cores.  It will take, on average between 1-2 months for your custom board to be made. We also offer a speedy repair service


Surfboards in Polyester/polyurethane construction:

  • up to 7ft: €550
  • over  7ft: €600
  • up to 8ft: €650

Surfboards in EPS/Epoxy construction. (Blanks include stringers for EPS)

  • up to 7ft: €650
  • over  7ft: €700 
  • up to 8ft: €750

For more information or to pre-order your surfboard, call us or drop by at our surf shop in Galway > Contact





     Hybrid Fish


    Rounded Pin      

     Inspired by

   Hypto Krypto

      Retro Fish 

       Twin Fin

        Egg /

  Magic Carpet

Morgan builds great hand crafted solid boards, very opened minded shaper and fun to work with.
- Michéal