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Christiaan Bradley Surfboards Chocolatine Preorder

Christiaan Bradley Surfboards Chocolatine Preorder

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This is the Chocolatine preorder surfboard product from Bradley surfboards.  This is a great all-rounder suited to hollow and sloppy alike. Comes with five fin boxes in Futures or FCS2. Manufacture time is generally 4/5 weeks and transport to you another week or so for Ireland. European shipping also possible direct from the factory in France. Just choose you fin system in the drop down menu and drop us an email for any extras like colour of different glassing. 

Here's what Bradley says about it;

Chocolatine was named after a localised South-West French breakfast croissant and in particular a reference to the world class surf spot "La Piste". Designed firstly as a model to drop into barrels and hold your line, we soon realized the board was a bit more of an all rounder than just this and it quickly became our best seller for a number of years.
It is an evolution of "The Pie" with a pulled in tail to handles hollower waves.  The Chocolatine is a world traveler. If you can only afford one board this year, the Chocolatine is it! An ultimate all rounder for the general surfing public.


Single through to double concave with slight V-exit that maximises rail to rail control


Medium entry to lower exit rocker allows for modern style carves and turns for punchy surf and also goes good in small waves


Medium full tuned rail for control and easy turning


Wide point forward styled cruiser for every ability and most waves. Paddles great with fuller front outline plus volume. The tail is reasonably pulled in to give hold and drive if hollow. Rounded pin as standard for drawing smooth lines


Five fin setup means it can be surfed in any conditions FCS or Futures fin system placed for control and hold.



PU construction by Euroglass. The “P” gets its name from both the resin and the foam: polyester resin and the “U” comes from polyurethane foam . PU is the traditional surfboard construction since foam core surfboards were invented. It is still the most widely used construction method today. PU is often incorrectly referred to as “fiberglass” construction – the reason this is incorrect is because the same exact fiberglass cloth is used in both PU and Epoxy construction types, it’s the foam core and resin that soaks into the fiberglass cloth (and foam) that differ. While PU construction is generally slightly heavier and isn’t quite as strong as Epoxy construction, it tends to have a more reliable and predictable feeling whilst surfing. This is due primarily to a slower flex pattern and denser foam than epoxy construction, which basically causes less “surprises” and more predictability while surfing, especially when making hard or sharp turns. PU construction tends to be more naturally conducive to color work, especially translucent resin tints. PU is also a bit less sensitive to water infiltration and heat than epoxy construction.


5'10 19 1/4 2 3/8 28.8L
5'11 19 3/8 2 7/16 30.2L
5'6 18 5/8 2 3/16 24.2
5'8 18 3/4 2 1/4 25.9
5'9 19 2 5/16 27.3
6'0 19 1/2 2 1/2 31.2L
6'1 19 3/4 2 1/2 32.1L
6'2 20 2 5/8 34.5L
6'3 20 1/4 2 5/8 35.9L
6'4 20 1/2 2 5/8 36.9L
6'5 20 3/4 2 3/4 39.5L
5'10 20 2 1/2 31.3L
5'11 20 1/8 2 9/16 32.8L
5'6 19 1/4 2 1/4 25.5
5'7 19 1/2 2 5/16 27.1
5'8 19 3/4 2 3/8 28.5L
5'9 19 7/8 2 7/16 30L
6'0 20 1/4 2 5/8 34.3L
6'1 20 3/8 2 5/8 35L
6'2 20 1/2 2 11/16 36.5L
6'3 20 5/8 2 11/16 37.2L
6'6 20 7/8 2 3/4 40.4L
6'8 21 2 3/4 41.9L
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