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Channel Islands Surfboards

Channel Islands Surfboards Two Happy Shortboard Preorder

Channel Islands Surfboards Two Happy Shortboard Preorder

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Fin System Set Up

The Two Happy is a performance surfboard that is forgiving and accessible to the average surfer. Great all round board for Irish surf. This one comes with five Futures fin boxes for Quad or Thruster fin set up. You can't get too Happy! 

This one is the preorder product, just choose your options for fin and size from the drop down menu. Get in touch for any extra customisation such as fin box colour, glassing specification, art etc. Youth boards are VAT exclusive and can be preordered in size 5'6 and smaller.

Here's what Channel Islands say about the Two Happy Surfboard;

Created by Britt Merrick, through work with Dane Reynolds and Parker Coffin, the Two Happy takes all the high-performance speed and flow of the original Happy but makes it more accessible and user-friendly for a broader range of surfers and conditions. With added entry rocker and increased double concave, the Two Happy is looser, rolls rail to rail more easily, and carves better in the pocket. Our team describes the board as exceptionally fast, responsive, and under the feet. The fuller rails and wider, thicker tail block provide ease of paddle, ride, and acceleration.

To enjoy all of our state-of-the-art shortboard performance design characteristics packed into one easy-to-ride and accessible board, look no further than the Two Happy.

Length Width Thickness Volume
5’8 18 1/4 2 3/16 24.1L
5’9 18 3/8 2 1/4 25.3L
5’10 18 5/8 2 5/16 26.7L
5’11 18 7/8 2 3/8 28.2L
6’0 19 1/8 2 7/16 29.7L
6’1 19 1/4 2 1/2 31.1L
6’2 19 1/2 2 9/16 32.7L
6’3 19 7/8 2 5/8 34.5L
6’4 20 1/8 2 3/4 37.1L
6’6 20 1/2 2 7/8 40.4L
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