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NSP Longboard 9’1 Elements HDT Pro-9 Teal

NSP Longboard 9’1 Elements HDT Pro-9 Teal

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Want to longboard like a champ? This is the most performance orientated longboard in the NSP range and is still a well priced longboard.


Here's what NSP SAY;

The NSP Pro-9 is designed by Carl Schaper as a performance longboard, and it is the most high-performance longboard in the NSP lineup. The Elements Pro-9 features the most durable construction in the lineup with wide, fiberglass stringers and our precise- and ultra-durable Elements.

Board details

Bottom: Soft roll to mid-V to V to double concave
Intermediate – pro
Wave Type: 
All conditions

The Pro-9 is a longboard with as much shortboard crammed into it as possible. Carl Schaper will often point out the back-third of the board, as it fits almost perfectly on his 6’2” step up, with the same thickness, tail dimensions and rails. The bottom has a soft roll to V in the middle, running into V with a double concave in the tail.

With several years of development, the latest and greatest tweak to the Pro-9 is in its nose-riding capability.  

Fin Setup:
The Pro-9 comes in a 4+1 fin configuration enabling you to be creative in your setup as a quad, thruster or single fin. NSP placed the Surf 10 fin box slightly further back, creating an ideal configuration for a thruster setup. The board comes with FTU fin boxes, making it compatible with Futures Fins. Right out of the box, the Pro-9 Elements comes with a 2+1 set – a 9″ Nylon centre fin and two MFC-designed side bites.


Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
9'1" 22" 2 ³/⁴" 62.9 Liters 6.16Kg


• Deep entry concave
• Forgiving rails make it easy to nose ride, turn and not catch
• Good thickness through midsection to easily paddle into waves
• Large nose area for hanging ten
• Medium rocker line so the board doesn’t nose dive and allows for great manoeuvrability
• Come with a complimentary fin. 
Hex key, screw and plate are also included. 

Elements Longboard Construction:
“Elements” stands for durability, lasting value and performance – the go-to board for any weekend warrior.

• Precise- and ultra-durable Elements moulding technology delivering accurate shape reproduction with dynamic flex characteristics.
• EPS SecureCell core is wrapped in lightweight fiberglass and moulded, creating a durable shell.
• Great performance shapes at attractive prices.
• In the Elements line-up, the Pro-9, the Fish, Hybrid, Tinder-D8, and Funboard come with a full, 5-slot FTU (compatible with Futures® Fins) fin box setup for greater versatility.
• All Elements boards come with a wide fiberglass stringer for extra strength.


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