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Solarez Polyester Pro Travel Repair Kit

Solarez Polyester Pro Travel Repair Kit

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SOLAREZ Polyester pro travel repair kit contains everything needed to fix your surfboard - from simple to complex dings, this kit covers it all. Products for repairing both foam and fibreglass damage are included. While Solarez cures without catalyst, once exposed to sunshine or UV light, this kit includes optional catalyst for deeper dings. 

Kit includes:

  • 4 oz. bottle Solarez Dual-Cure Polyester resin
  • 2 oz. tube Solarez polyester fiberfil
  • 2 oz. tube Microlite lightweight filler
  • 1 oz. bottle Zerovoc plant-based non-flammable cleaner
  • 325 square inches of 4oz fiberglass & rope
  • Stainless Steel scissors,
  • Mixing cup,
  • 3 kine sandpaper,
  • Razor, masking tape; mixing sticks & spreader
  • Injector applicator tip,
  • MEKP catalyst (to add to filler for deeper dings to reduce cure time - see video)


All kit items are air travel safe (when unopened) and in a crush-proof box.

Features and benefits:

  • Solarez has 97% less VOCs than conventional resin
  • No mixing necessary. UV curing assures complete hardening.
  • Provides complete crosslinking
  • Remarkably tough and resilient
  • Contains urethanes that prevent yellowing

Please note this is polyester repair putty so must not be used on EPS foam (for example most epoxy boards). If you're unsure what repair kit is suitable for your board, just give us a buzz!

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